Do this quick test to find out if your workplace is compliant.

  • Do you know if all your equipment is still in a compliant state, or what a compliant state even means?
  • Do you have a record of how many appliances your business has, and where they are located, as required in the legislation?
  • Are your appliances tested at the correct intervals,  as stipulated in the legislation?
  • Are your records accurate and up to date to comply with WHS regulations?
  • Has your nominated responsible person been trained correctly?

Jags Test and Tag understand that most businesses do not have staff with spare time to maintain databased of appliances and their testing requirements.
Our simple to read report provides you with 'at a glance' compliance information, and takes the guess work out of your WHS by scheduling regular testing and updating as appropriate to your workplace setting and industry.

Why not let JAGS give a free site inspection and organise a complete database for your business.
We can notify you when the different testing intervals are due, conduct the inspection and testing of all your equipment, and supply comprehensive Reports that will keep your business compliant.

Contact us now on 0412 059 193 to ensure your business is compliant to Australian Standards and WHS Regulations.